High stakes blackjack with Jessenia

This is a strip blackjack game with 18 animated loops spread over 8 different positions and 70+ images at a 1920x1080 resolution.This game features blowjobs, throatfucking, pussy licking, fingering, vaginal and anal sex, a tit fuck and cumshots in all the right places.High Stakes Blackjack with Jessenia is a porn game in which you get to play blackjack against the hot Jessenia and when you win you will be treated to a series of great animated sex scenes.This game is a product of our own, together with the talented 3DX artist Gazukull. Jessenia is featured in a lot more of his image sets and animations, so if you want to have more of this big titted girlyou should check out Gazukull's Dead Tide series for example.
3D Sex Games 2018