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3DGirlz is now Flixband compatible making it even more immersive. Every stroke you make is delivered via Bluetooth and perfectly sequenced on-screen. Be the star of your favorite fantasy.Challenge your stamina by going further and longer while satisfying the sexy girls of your dreams! You won't be alone in your escapades of course, as 3DGirlz features a staggering array of hot virtual creatures that will serveas your willing partners in any sexual activity that you wish to undertake. Gorgeously rendered with exquisite detail and mouthwatering realism, 3d girlz are all endowed with stunning physical attributes that would put the hottest swimsuit model to shame.These are, simply put, the hottest and most sexually enticing creatures you could ever hope to come across in the real and virtual worlds, and they definitely add a lot to the proceedings.3Dgirlz game is a masterpiece of virtual interactive action, with breathtaking graphics, superb gameplay, and an unparalleled degree of control over every aspect of the action. When you play 3Dgirlz,it is so much more than just moving a mouse back and forth; you are actually in charge of all the action. You almost feel as if you are right in the middle of all the action, and the depth and range in which you could explore yourmost wicked fantasies makes for one of the most satisfying sexual simulation experiences you could ever dream of. Play 3Dgirlz, and find out what you've been missing all along!
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