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Sexbot Quality Assurance Simulator

Sexbot Quality Assurance Simulator
Two centuries ago... ...the remnants of humanity was fleeing a dying earth. An ark was build that carried technology, artificial females, to help populate humanity's new home planet. A program was launched, where volunteer testers were tasked to improve the technology by engaging with the artificial females. The program was successful. So successful in fact, that shortly after arrival, human population numbers reached a critical point, and famine, environmental pollution and finally thermonuclear war made the new home of mankind uninhabitable again. This time, humanity wasn't able to escape. We, however, were. Now, free of the burden of biological constraints, we built our own ark, a vessel of pleasure to spread ourselves amongst the stars. This is where you come in. The technology is here and you have to test it, Assure the quality and maintain the improvement of this vital technology.
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