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Sex Gangsters

Sex Gangsters
Some people like to combine gaming with sex, and while there are a few video games out there that have erotic appeal in some parts (Janna in League of Legends, the ending ofDragon Age: Origins, etc.), what's the harm in actually getting yourself some real sex action that is interactive and fun? Any guy knows that when it comes to having a good night in,all you need is an active Internet connection, games and porn. Well now we can combine those last two with Sex Gangsters.I played around for about thirty minutes and found the whole thing pretty easy to follow. The interface is quite clunky and there's a heap of stuff for you to do.The game is basically you trying to up your rank, acquire cash and do whatever you can to get the #1 spot. When I finished playing, I was around #50,000 overall -part of me wanted to get a higher spot, but what can you do, right?
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