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Chrono Clock

Chrono Clock
Next in line to manage a multi-million dollar corporation is our protagonist, Rei Sawatari. He inherited one very important heirloom from his late grandfather:a single pocket watch that grants him a mysterious power... The power to go five minutes back in time.It's an ability he can use as many times as he wants. Convenient as that might sound, with five measly minutes, it's not exactly easy to make the most of it.There's no telling what he could accomplish if he manages to make good use of his newfound potential. Should he be so inclined to, he could even save the world...But what's the point in doing something so cliche and grandiose?Meet our protagonist once more... a boy who wields his time-traveling powers to indulge in fun adventures, talk to cute girls, and maybe even find a girlfriend.Thus marks the beginning of his ridiculous school rom-com adventure.
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