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Assassin Seed

Assassin Seed
The hottest collection of game characters to choose from! WILD SEX WITH YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTERS!! The Fist of the Feminist.Not for the faint of heart or the soft of dick, this involves you fucking her tight little twat in the pile driver position while her, the staunch feminist, attempts to assert dominance with her fist.Like they say, love is a game of give and take. Rusty Tuba. Ahhh, The reverse Rusty Trombone, this position involves you, the player, tossing a healthy salad while simultaneously rubbingthe shit out of her clitoris. A timeless classic and a must have move for the true gentleman. Alabama Hot Pocket. One for the intellectuals, most sluts swear by its medicinal benefits.She spreads her beef flaps and lets her hero release a hot, steamy pile of excrement into her vajayjay, he then proceeds to have vigorous sex while enjoying the hot, textured gooeyness that eruptsfrom her twat like a chocolate Mount St. Helens.
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