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Booty Heroes

Booty Heroes
Learn all the secrets of the mysterious fantasy world in the new erotic idle RPG Booty Heroes. Take part in battles in different modes and learn all the facets of sexual pleasure seducing juicy maidens, and collecting your harem! Enjoy incredible illustrations, exciting and funny dialogue, and gameplay that will let your imagination run wild. Explore a richly illustrated alluring world filled with fragile and gorgeous fantasy girls, and relive your most hidden fantasies in the best erotic RPG game you've ever played! Assemble a team of sultry warriors who will help you climb to the top of the best players. With each victorious battle, you'll improve your heroes and unlock new abilities to tackle the next challenge. Collect valuable resources, artifacts, and experience points to outwit and defeat other players. Follow the current meta or - create your own, dominating all other players from all over the world. In addition to a variety of game modes where you go on a solo journey for rewards or fight other players, you can date girls. With a little effort, these incredible beauties will be ready to do anything for you. We promise you that the hot rewards will be worth it. Don't miss out on the special events! A variety of events will help you collect strong heroes, as well as special rewards for them - for example, rare skins that give increased stats. Booty Heroes is a colorful and addictive game that allows you to feel like a strategist, get a vivid erotic experience, and have a good time enjoying the beauty of the game.
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